Faith despite defeat!


What do you sense the Lord saying to you in this passage?

“They burned every place where God was worshiped…” (Psalm 74:8)
I’ve watched debates where the Atheist walk all over the Christian.
It can be very difficult to hang on to faith when the attacks come.
In Psalm 74 it went further; God attackers were killing believers.
The nation of Israel was devastated, and believers were desperate.
Why God was letting this happen, when would God step in to help?
There are “no signs from God” (v.9), begging the question, is he there?
“But God is my king” (v.12) Asaph declares, despite this defeat.
This is our hope too, when faith in God is under attack.
And when the church seems to shrink, or implode on itself.
The failure of the church is not the failure of God.
God remains king, God remains God; atheists cannot change that.
Jesus’ followers have been under attack for centuries, and they remain!
We need to stay true to Jesus, to his way, and to his God and ours.
Stand firm in faith, hope and love, for he will come through in the end!
Lord, I cling to faith despite all that has happened against it. But please, show yourself soon, for the sake of those who are dying for you!


  1. This was a tough time for the people of Israel as they faced rejection by the God of their fathers. Yes they rejected God first and now they are bearing the awful consequences – even the conquerors can recognize that the God who established Israel – had abandoned his people. This abandonment is what the Psalmist laments – and asks “Why do you hold back your hand, your right hand?” How long will it be? I can feel abandoned by God at times too – especially as a consequence of merely going on my own! But God’s mercy and grace comes through me when I turn around and admit my willfulness – my ignoring God. I may be unfaithful but God remains faithful – He will return to those who call on him honestly and genuinely – contrite. Lord, Great is your faithfulness – especially when times are tough!

  2. At all times I must sing praises to the Lord. I need to focus on Him and all what He has done. Although the events of the day may seem that God is far away He is faithfully keeping watch over me. Faith over fear. I continue to pray for His presence to fill me with the hope and joy that God is my strength and power every day. Emmanuel.

    God himself is with us:
    let us now adore him,
    and with awe appear before him.
    God is in his temple–
    all within keep silence,
    prostrate lie with deepest rev’rence.
    Him alone
    God we own,
    him, our God and Savior;
    praise his name forever.

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