Lay it out before the Lord

Oops, I somehow skipped 2 Kings 19-25. I will pick up 1 Chronicles in 2 weeks.


What do you sense the Lord saying to you in this passage?

“Hezekiah spread the letter out before the Lord.” (2 Kings 19:14)
I like this idea of Hezekiah spreading the message before the Lord.
We can do this with a layoff notice, a report card, a court summons, a news story.
We can also do this with anything we want to talk with Him about.
It reminds me of the Lord’s prayer, with its very specific petitions.
In every situation, present your requests to God (Philippians 4:6)
In this story, God intervenes – God makes a way where there seems to be no way.
There are no guarantees that God will answer our prayer the way we need or want him to.
But there is this confidence that God will answer our prayer in the best way possible.
And don’t rule out that He will give the miracle that we need and desire.
I know for myself I often ask, yet doubt at the same time that his answer will be what I ask.
Its as if I am preparing myself for God’s ‘better’ answer, which is the harder one.
I know of no way of praying that will get me what I want.
But I have found God’s peace in my heart when I pray openly and honestly (Philippians 4:7).
Somehow, someway, when we pray like this, the Lord will work through your prayer!
Lord, help me to pray simply, honestly, eagerly, like Hezekiah. Hear my prayer, Lord.


  1. Hezekiah did the right thing. At first he thought he could buy his way to security – but that didn’t work. Then he was besieged and the arrogant words of Sennacherib the Assyrian commander – ridiculed Hezekiah and their God on whom they put their hope. But as Isaiah reminded Hezekiah with this question and answer: “Who is it you have ridiculed and blasphemed? Against whom have you raised your voice and lifted your eyes in pride? Against the Holy One of Israel.!” I need to be reminded – that God is not mocked or His name to be held in ‘vain’ – with no consequence. Sennacherib was cut down for His arrogance. God answered Hezekiah’s prayer and his insecurity – cutting down the powerful Assyrian forces and its arrogant commander. Help me to stand in the face of worldly arrogance that denies the God I serve!

  2. ‘O Lord, please remember how I have walked before you in faithfulness and with a whole heart, and have done what is good in your sight.’

    This was the prayer of Hezekiah. Walking in faithfulness before the Lord God and doing good. I need to walk in faithfulness before God each and every day for I am walking in His SonShine. Lead me and guide me Lord that I walk in Your truth. May others see Christ Jesus living in me as I continue to serve You.

    When we walk with the Lord
    In the light of His Word,
    What a glory He sheds on our way;
    While we do His good will,
    He abides with us still,
    And with all who will trust and obey.
    Trust and obey,
    For there’s no other way
    To be happy in Jesus,
    But to trust and obey.

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