Building a temple for God!

PLEASE READ THIS FIRST: 2 Chronicles 1-2

What do you sense the Lord saying to you in this passage?

“Who is able to build a temple for him… heaven cannot contain him?” (2 Chronicles 2:6)
What do you imagine it would look like stand in God’s presence?
Solomon attempted to design a ‘house’ that would reflect God’s glory.
But all the precious stone and metal in the world would not suffice.
“God alone is immortal and lives in unapproachable light!” (1 Timothy 6:16)
Nothing we imagine or design could ever capture the unapproachable glory of God.
What is more, God is not interested in having us build temples to his glory.
God’s heart is not for glorious buildings, but for glorious people.
The temple God delights in – designed to reflect his glory – is you and me!
“You yourselves are God’s temple and God’s Spirit dwells in you.” (1 Corinthians 3:16)
Look into the eyes of people you meet today – you see a reflection of God.
God doesn’t care how nice my church building is, but at how nice I am.
Jesus came to show us the kind of temple God desires, and to help us be that again.
As a Jesus-follower, I am able to build a temple for God… with how I live in him.
May the fruit of God’s Spirit in me make me a shining example of what God is like.
Lord, You are the fullness of God in bodily form. And by Your grace, with Your help, I can be too. Prepare me to be a sanctuary, shining with the glorious character of God!


  1. The cornerstone of the first Christian school I went to (gr. 3-8) said that the fear of the Lord is the beginning of wisdom [from Prov. 1:7]. Solomon asked for it: “Give me wisdom and knowledge, that I may lead this people” and the Lord blessed him! Forgive me Lord if I think I’m smart or I did that well. Lord it is you who enable me by your spirit – help me to remain humble and true to you. Bless me with a humble spirit that seeks to do your will!

  2. I am the church. You are the church. God can not be contained in a building but He is everywhere. We are the church – the people who live daily by His power. As Solomon asked for wisdom and knowledge so I too need that wisdom and knowledge to be the light He desires me to be. Help me daily Lord to live that light, shining for Jesus.

    I am the church! You are the church!
    We are the church together!
    All who follow Jesus,
    all around the world!
    Yes, we’re the church together!

    1. The church is not a building;
    the church is not a steeple;
    the church is not a resting place;
    the church is a people.


    2. We’re many kinds of people,
    with many kinds of faces,
    all colours and all ages, too
    from all times and places.


    3. Sometimes the church is marching;
    sometimes it’s bravely burning,
    sometimes it’s riding, sometimes hiding;
    always it’s learning.


    4. And when the people gather,
    there’s singing and there’s praying;
    there’s laughing and there’s crying sometimes,
    all of it saying:


    5. At Pentecost some people
    received the Holy Spirit
    and told the Good News through the world
    to all who would hear it.

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