Put yourself in their shoes…


What do you sense the Lord saying to you in this passage?

“Do to others as you would have them do to you.” (Luke 6:31)
Jesus taps into our natural desire to be treated well.
We want people to be fair to us, and to help us if we need it.
We do not want them to look down on us, or to shame us.
But are we so quick to treat others this way?
Sin has a way of distorting our actions in our own favour.
We want to be treated fairly, but somehow forget to do this to others.
Jesus is urging us to put ourselves in their shoes.
If that were me, how would I want them to treat me.
Be careful… even how we do this can be selfishly twisted.
‘I wouldn’t be proud like that, I wouldn’t spend like that…’
But respect looks for the whole story and doesn’t assume we know better.
If we experienced ALL that they had, would we have acted differently?
Jesus is challenging me to love people deeply, not judge them.
Love them with the same depth and intensity that we want to be loved!
Lord, I sense you challenging my shallow love. Deepen how I think, how I respond, how I act toward others, that I may more and more reflect your love!


  1. How can I bless someone who has just abused me or mistreated me? I had that happen enough times in the village that we lived. I certainly didn’t feel up to blessing Allan and Doug and others who were part of the group that ganged up on me and my brothers. Yet, there is a reason for them needing to feel better of themselves by making us smaller. They need our prayers – they need our blessing. Bullies – need to be prayed for – they need to be forgiven too. But it is hard – hate is easier! That is what needs to melt in me – so that genuine love and respect for my neighbour can flourish – despite the circumstances!

  2. Despite hearing these commands again and again, they never cease to be as difficult to swallow as the first time I heard them.

    If someone takes what’s mine, I’m not to demand it back? If someone strikes me, I’m supposed to allow them to assert their position? In fact, not just tolerate, but I’m called to bless those that curse me? I mean tolerating I can deal with. I’m reminded that to be like Christ, we almost have to be inhuman.

  3. The Gospel in one word is LOVE. Love God. Love man. My love for my Saviour needs to be shown to those around me. Others need to see His love shining in me and through me. I need to be like Christ unto them. Serve them.

    Verse 1: Love, love, love, love, the gospel in a word is love, Love thy neighbor as thy brother, love, love, love.

    Verse 2: Peace, peace, peace, peace, the gospel in a word is peace, Peace that passes understanding, peace, peace, peace.

    Verse 3: Joy, joy, joy, joy, the gospel in a word is joy, Joy that fills to overflowing, joy, joy, joy.

    Verse 4: Christ, Christ, Christ, Christ, the gospel in a word is Christ, Love Him, serve Him, and adore Him, Christ, Christ, Christ.

    Verse 5: Christ, Christ, Christ, Christ, the gospel in a word is Christ, Love Him, serve Him, and adore Him, Christ, Christ, Christ.

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