What do you sense the Lord saying to you in this passage?

“For the mouth speaks what the heart is full of.” (Luke 6:45)
If only there was a ‘mouth-o-meter’ that could test my words.
Not just the exact words, but their meaning and intent.
How many of my words would be self-serving, negative or critical?
Am I trying to be funny, or to be liked, or to sound smart?
How often would there be an edge to what I was saying?
Is my listening exercised in healthy proportion to my speaking?
(Some say two ears to one mouth means listening twice as much.)
Jesus says our words reflect what is inside of us.
He came to change us from the inside out, to address the source.
Greed, pride, fear, anger, selfishness, these are deep down roots.
They are the source of the fruit of my mouth, and my life.
The Spirit of Jesus is working to root these out, and heal them.
I need to be open and receptive to His conviction and correction.
As a Jesus follower, I want my mouth produce hope, life and goodness.
Lord, I have followed you for many years, but there are still selfish roots within me, which show through my words and actions. I still need your help!


  1. I remember when in the school yard (grade 3) i was caught saying “Damm” – not realizing at the time that it was a ‘bad’ word. Not sure where I had picked it up. Later on when working parttime during my highschool years I worked for a cleaning company that cleaned the toilets and offices at the Inglis factory in Stoney Creek. I remember how the men would swear JC and F words. I did not make it my habit, however, during that time when I was replacing a muffler on my Pontiac I hurt my hand as I was working and in a fit of anger I said F! That was not me – I realized that just by being in an environment where that kind of language is common – it had contaminated me! It made me think about my reaction. Jesus said “For the mouth speaks what the heart is full of.” I repented of what I said – I did not want my heart full of venom! It put me on alert every since! But then even nice words can be used in wrong ways – there is more to this text than swearing! Lord Jesus help me speak words of love and not evil!

  2. Words.
    What is on the inside comes out.
    What I say is just as important as what I do. Both need to show the love of Christ evidenced by the fruit of the Spirit. Actions speak louder than words. What one does is more important than what one says but both need to be in sync. His love must be shown by both word and deed, indeed.

    Oh, holy words of truth and love
    We hear from day to day,
    Revealed to Saints from God above,
    To guide in heaven’s way.
    Beautiful words of love
    Coming from God above,
    How sweet, how dear the words we hear!
    They’re beautiful words of love.

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