Focus on Jesus, not the pigs!


What do you sense the Lord saying to you in this passage?

“The people… asked Jesus to leave them, because they were overcome with fear.” (Luke 8:37)
So why did the demons insist on going into the pigs… scare tactics!
The goal of the Deceiver is to somehow turn us away from God.
Discouragement, distraction, deception, despair, and ultimately destruction.
Look at what happens: the man is cured, but the people can’t see it!
All they see is what happened to the pigs; they’re scared, and drive Jesus away.
This was why ‘Legion’ insisted on going into the pigs – to scare the people!
Why do unsettling or scary things happen in your life… the same reason!
Our spiritual enemy wants to undermine our connection to God any way they can.
Either through pleasures or fears, whatever it takes to distract and deceive you.
Thankfully God does not give up, and sends messengers (like this man) to point us to hope.
This man’s mission is to direct the people away from their fear to what God has done (v.39).
But the thing is, we need to decide who to listen to, whose messenger we will focus on.
Be aware of the distractions and fears that come at you today.
Remember to focus on Jesus, not the pigs.
Lord, I am constantly distracted and discouraged by feelings and fears. Send me plenty of reminders through my day of how great you are, and of all that you have done for me!


  1. This passage makes me wonder – What were the local people afraid of? Was it their economic livelihood – their pigs? Was it fear of their own ‘darkness/evil’ inside – driven by the same spirits that has congregated in that man who was purged? What about me – am I afraid Jesus will call me out too – that I put too much security on my own ability etc.? Where is my security? Even if I have money and assets to spare – but really what is that? Does it give satisfaction? Isn’t my stuff more of a distraction and keeps me from fully devoted to the Kingdom? I think so – I admit it. Help me to be comfortable to let go and let God take charge!

  2. Here I see once again the power of Jesus. The town’s people feared that power and drove Him away. The possessed man was freed and proclaimed His power. Nothing can keep us from His love for He unbinds us. May nothing keep me from His lobe and saving power as I live for Him this day.

    Bind us together, Lord
    Bind us together
    With cords that cannot be broken
    Bind us together, Lord
    Bind us together
    Bind us together in Love

    There is only one God,
    There is only one King
    There is only one Body
    That is why we sing.

    Fit for the glory of God,
    Purchased by His precious Son
    Born with the right to be free
    For Jesus the victory has won.

    We are the family of God
    We are the promise divine
    We are God’s chosen desire
    We are the glorious new wine.

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