I see the Lord on the throne!

PLEASE READ THIS FIRST: 2 Chronicles 17-18

What do you sense the Lord saying to you in this passage?

“I saw the Lord sitting on his throne with all the multitudes of heaven…” (2 Chronicles 18:18)
In these chapters we see the contrast between Jehoshaphat and Ahab.
Two kings dressed in royal robes, sitting on their thrones with their prophets (18:9).
Jehoshaphat wants to seek God’s will, while Ahab wants to do what he wants.
They both have royal power and authority, but in this chapter we see God behind them.
Behind these kings on their thrones (v.9) is God on his throne (v.18) surrounded by angels.
God is the power and authority behind these kings, determining the direction and outcome.
In the end, a “random” arrow takes down Ahab, but we know that this is not random.
As a Jesus follower, I see the story of Jesus in a similar way.
As the authorities work to do their own will, God is at work for greater good.
God is on the throne, and through his death and resurrection, Jesus is too.
It may appear that humans control the direction and outcome of history.
The world’s powerful and rich may seem to be doing what they want… but we see Jesus!
Jesus is on the throne, and is directing the multitudes of heaven for good.
When people tell me how bad things are, I can say, “I see the Lord sitting on the throne!”
Lord, please give me Micaiah’s vision of you sitting on the throne when all I can see is human power doing what they want.


  1. Life and death – God spared Jehoshaphat when he cried out on the battlefield even though set up as the commander King and Ahab who had gone disguised as an ordinary fighter so that he wouldn’t be a target was wounded by an arrow – thinking he can outwit the prophesy against him. He stayed on the battlefield with his men but died as the prophet Micaiah had prophesied. Jehoshaphat started out well cleansing the land of idolatrous worship and God gave him life and success. Following Jesus is real life – life now and life evermore. I need not fear the enemy if I call on God who is ready – he will spare me from the fire or take me home – but I must follow him – not my own desires. Help me persevere I pray!

  2. Have Thine own way Lord.
    God is in control. Men may think they are, but they put their trust in their own power of might, wealth, chariots and horses. They have not sought the Lord who was and is and continues to be on the throne. Today I too need to place my trust in the Lord my God who reigns. He is my strength and Rock.

    1 How lovely on the mountains
    Are the feet of him
    Who brings good news,good news
    Announcing peace, proclaiming
    News of happiness.
    Our God reigns; our God reigns!

    Our God reigns!
    Our God reigns!
    Our God reigns!
    Our God reigns!

    2 He had no stately form;
    He had no majesty,
    That we should be
    drawn to Him.
    He was despised,
    and we took no account of Him,
    Yet now He reigns
    With the Most High. [Chorus]

    3 Out of the tomb He came
    With grace and majesty;
    He is alive, He is alive.
    God loves us so see here His hands,
    His feet, His side.
    Yes, we know
    He is alive. [Chorus]

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