Shrines to our ignorance!


What do you sense the Lord saying to you in this passage?

“He did not know what he was saying.” (Luke 9:33)
Sometime I think this would make a great motto for me as a minister.
Like Peter, I make bold declarations based on what I think I know.
Yes, he said that Jesus was God’s Messiah (Luke 9:18-20).
But he also told Jesus he wasn’t supposed to die (Matthew 16:21-23).
What exactly happened here to Jesus, what does this mean?
Even more, who exactly is he, and why did he do what he did?
We build shrines to our ideas and call them doctrines and denominations.
We insist we know what we’re talking about and that we are right.
We separate ourselves from those who don’t build our shrines with us.
Jesus is so much more awesome than any of us can express.
There’s nothing wrong with speaking about Jesus… but do so humbly.
There’s truth in what we say, but also error and misunderstanding.
If this was true for Peter (even after Pentecost), how much more for me.
Our ideas about Jesus do not match the awesomeness of Who he fully is.
Lord, thank you for forgiving your crucifiers for not knowing what they were doing. Thank you for forgiving me for not knowing what I am saying!


  1. Jesus was about to embark on the most important finishing task of his mission – to go to the cross. This special meeting with Moses and Elijah and the surrounding cloud of God’s presence – were all there to encourage him. It encourages us also – knowing that the Father cares – and that the Spirit also encourages us – especially as we face challenges where God seems too far away! Let your love and light surround me Lord – may I feel the presence of your Spirit within me – especially when the times are lonely and dark! Without you – I go the wrong.

  2. Coming into His presence and the effect upon His appearance – brightness, shiny just as with Moses. The disciples almost missed the glory since they were fast asleep. Do I miss His glory because I too am asleep? Jesus is among us. He has risen. Do I have the eyes to see His presence and glory every day? Open my eyes Lord that I may see You.

    Open the eyes of my heart, Lord
    Open the eyes of my heart
    I want to see You
    I want to see You
    To see You high and lifted up
    Shinin’ in the light of Your glory
    Pour out Your power and love
    As we sing holy, holy, holy

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