i’m back!

Well here I am, sitting in my new office, the first day of my first week as pastor at crossroads (yes, its spelled that way on purpose, I’ll explain another time). I am excited and nervous as I begin this new journey here in Ajax.

I hope to use this blog as my personal journal, outlining my growing sense of what it means to be a Jesus follower, as well as my work as a missionary pastor in this community. I will also continue with the daily SOAP reflections, since this is one of the primary ways that I communicate with Jesus, and get my directions from Him.

“May the Lord our God show me his favor. Lord, make what I do succeed. Please make what I do succeed.” (Psalm 90:17)

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  1. Hi Norm:
    I am thrilled that your official journey at Crossroads has begun! I have been and will continue to pray that God will make Ajax a great home for you and your family and that Crossroads will be stregnthened and grow through your ministry there. As someone who was able to spend 9 years being a pastor in that place, I know that its a wonderful place to serve and a great place to be planted. Go forward with a profound sense of God’s love and presence with you! Enjoy the office and the view through the glass windows in front of you!

    Adrian Van Giessen

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