Sennema’s accept call to Ajax

FROM THE SENNEMA’S — After prayerful consideration, Valerie and I have decided that the Lord is calling us to Crossroads Church in Ajax. We feel led by the Spirit to help this young church move forward. Although difficult to explain, there is this deep-down sense that Ajax is the next step in our ministry journey. We have peace with our decision, though much sadness at the prospect of moving. We are trusting that the Lord will make His purposes clear, and that one day we will look back and recognize that His reasons were good.

This has not been an easy decision. There are many reasons to stay. We have been extremely blessed through our time at Hope. We feel very much a part of this community, and the church has been a very important and life-impacting part of our personal and family life. We are not leaving under pressure or out of frustration, nor do we feel that we have to leave.

The next chapter at Hope will have its difficulties, but as you pull together, you can build upon the blessings of the past 10 years. This is a time for all the members to pull together and work to carry the vision forward. We are confident that Hope Church is in a good place for calling a new pastor. The foundations are laid for an exciting future.

Thank you for your prayer support and for your encouragements. We hope that the next few months together will be a good opportunity for us to finish well, and to set the stage for the next chapter for us at Crossroads and for you at Hope.

In His Hands,
Pastor Norm and Valerie Sennema
Timothy, Nathan, Janelle

Pledge Sunday (2008)

Pledge SundayHey everyone, please pray for our Pledge Sunday this coming weekend as we once again give the people at Hope the opportunity to pledge their support to the mission and ministry of our Church. We are moving towards the long term goal of basing our Ministry Investment Plan (MIP, formerly ‘budget’) completely on the pledges we receive. We are prayerfully moving in that direction, trusting that the Lord will provide all that we need to fulfill the ministry He calls us to.

The $4000+ surplus from 2007 is a wonderful confirmation of how God is at work in, among and through us as a church! Thanks for your generosity and your prayers!

Find out more about pledging at Hope Church here!

Find the 2008 Pledge Form here!

$4000 Surplus!

fundraiser.gifWe are excited to announce that this past year we have experienced a $4000 surplus over what we budgeted for 2007, something we have NEVER experienced here at Hope. That number could increase, depending on how much we spent in 2007 (still to be determined, stay tuned!!)

We are thankfully seeing this as a confirmation from the Lord that our new pledge model is working. God is the One Who deserves the glory here, this is something beyond our imagining.

Now comes the fun part, deciding what to do with the surplus!!! Any ideas?

The difference Jesus makes!

The difference Jesus makes!This coming month (December 2007) we will be focusing on the difference that Jesus makes in our lives.

As Christ-followers, we are all about Jesus! He is the reason, not only for the season, but for living and serving! We believe that He has changed everything, and now we have hope. Not just hope for ourselves but for everyone, for the whole world.

If you are a Christ-follower, can you explain the difference that Jesus has made in your life? Is it a noticeable difference? Tell us about it. Share your stories, so that we can be inspired and encouraged!

We are looking forward to hearing from you!


Can you believe it? Have you ever heard of such a thing? A church having a “Porn Sunday”? Well, we are! On Sunday, November 25, we are going to tackle head on the issue of pornography and its devastating affects on individuals, marriages, families and society as a whole. If you weren’t sure about this, let me clear this up… We are not in favour of pornography.

xxxchurch.jpgWe will be hearing more about a radical ministry to those involved in and affected by the porn industry, called XXXChurch. We will hear from those who recently attended the “All About Sex” show in Toronto, handing out Bibles and holding conversations with those attending.

x3watch_logo.gifAnd we will learn about X3Watch, a free and easy computer program that allows families and individuals to guard their computers from internet pornography.

Join us for this important conversation. Service begins at 10:30am.

Welcome Pastor & Mrs Lee from Cuba

cuba_flag.jpgThis Sunday (October 7, 2007) Pastor David Lee, President of the Christian Reformed Church in Cuba, and his wife Hayde, will be with us. We will celebrate “All Nations Heritage” Sunday together.

Our worship will be a blend of Spanish/English songs, and Pastor Lee will also give a message. It will be an opportunity to mutually encourage each other, and to recognize our oneness in Christ.

After the service we will have soup, buns and cake. We will also receive a special offering for the Cuban Christian Reformed Church.