Practicing Christian, Practicing Homosexual?

“I was just reading through the December issue of the banner and I came across an article called, “Play About Gay Christians Sells Out.” The article talks about a director at Calvin College putting on a play about Gay Christians and how wonderful and successful it was. Numerous times homosexuality has come up in talking with my students, but I always felt that it was obviously wrong and I have conveyed that idea to them. I still believe that God did not intend for people to be gay but am I being to harsh to say that you can’t be a Christian and a practicing Gay at the same time??”

This is an important and difficult question. Many people are struggling with this question. I will not answer right away, I need some time to reflect and pray through it. But if you have some thoughts you would like to share, please do. My only request is that you remember this is a public forum and that we need to be wise, sensitive and encouraging, whatever our thoughts might be. The Bible urges us to speak the truth in love (Ephesians 4:15).

In the meantime, check out the Christian Reformed position on homosexuality. 

Is ‘knowledge’ good or evil?

The following question was asked by an ALPHA Participant, in the context of the video “How Can I Resist Evil?” Please feel free to add your own thoughts/comments.

Is all knowledge either good or evil, or is knowledge exempt from such classification? ie general knowledge, knowledge gained from scientific research, knowledge of historical events, etc. Also, realizing that what we do with knowledge can be either good or evil, does this reflect on the knowledge itself? Can knowledge exist in a vacuum?