bible readings

The Bible is one important way that God speaks to us. The simple SOAP Reading Method can help you sense what God is saying to you through a passage, and to apply it personally to your life.

Because Jesus stands at the centre of the Bible, and the centre of history, the stories of Jesus as found in the Gospels (Matthew, Mark, Luke, John) and Acts form the heart of this schedule. The first reading (Sunday) will be a Psalm; the next four readings (Monday – Thursday) will be from the Gospels/Acts; the last two readings will be 5-8 chapters from the other books of the bible (Friday – Saturday). This schedule is designed to be flexible, and to allow you to focus on Jesus and His teaching.

You can find a complete list of readings for printing here.

To help you I am posting my own reflections for each daily reading. Check out my reflection on today’s reading here! Please feel free to post your comments or questions. If you ask questions, I will try to suggest some answers, but you may also answer each others questions. This is a conversation! Once you submit your comments, they will be public.