The goal… and the question!

The fundamental goal and activity of the church should be to – teach and train every believer to become a ‘disciple making disciple’.

Biblically and theologically, if we’re to become effective at ‘growing the church’, at strategically achieving ‘true gospel growth’ (both numerically and spiritually), then we’re to implement the scriptures call to build churches where making ‘disciple making disciples’ is our – ‘core vision’, and where challenging every believer to that task becomes our – ‘call to action’.

What’s needed in churches today to achieve that kind of vision is a culture change, a return to the practice of daily and mutual discipleship and disciple making. Such a culture change will require a redirection in the order of our priorities, renewed focus in our lives, and greater gospel intentionality in our ministries.

If the goal is to ‘make disciples’, and more importantly, to make disciples who make disciples (disciple-making disciples) the question is – what processes, activities or ministries must be put in place to most effectively achieve that goal?

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