From the inside out!

“One of the most important conclusions we’ve drawn from our study of comeback churches is that they first had a spiritual experience that redirected and reenergized their lives, beginning with their leader. This spiritual experience gave them a vision of what could – and surely would – be. The vision provided a compelling focus, helping them develop practical and powerful plans. Spiritual empowerment from their ongoing time with God allowed them to persevere in implementing their plans. God was at work in their church! They had an unwavering sense that what God had called them to do would be accomplished (Philippians 1:6). As people saw the leader’s passion and spiritual fervor, they began to want that in their lives. They sought opportunities to serve, to grow, and to share with others. The church changed from the inside out. And when it did, the community took notice that something special was happening.” (Comeback Churches, Ed Stetzer, Mike Dodson, pp.15-16).