Jesus said to His followers, “freely you have received, freely give!” One of our three commitments as followers of Jesus is to demonstrate the love of Jesus through community service. As partners with Crossroads, we will look for and take part in, specific service opportunities in the community.

Our primary area of service is the neighbourhood surrounding Bolton C. Falby Public School, though we are involved beyond this area as well. Some ways that we do this in the school include:

  • Volunteering in the school, for school events
  • Helping with the school Healthy Snacks program
  • Fundraising and financial support
  • Promoting and supporting school goals and initiatives
  • Christmas baskets for school families

Some ways that we do this in the community:

  • Community Service Days
  • Serve Ajax: 50 youth coming July 2012 to serve in Ajax
  • Supporting local Food Banks
  • Responding to requests for assistance from community
  • Free counselling available with local Christian Counsellor

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Serve Ajax
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Community Garden
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