Our Vision

reSet 2015We have temporarily put our vision on hold as we spend the year in a reSet. This is a time for us to revision our mission, and to develop a new strategy for accomplishing the Lord’s purpose for Crossroads. We are still participating in a few service opportunities at the school, but our primary focus for this year is on prayer.

What you read below was the vision we worked with from 2009 until 2015.

We believe that God has placed us in Falby Court for a reason. Through prayer, we have discerned the following vision for Crossroads:
  • We see ourselves as building a community in Christ, not just a church!
  • We see ourselves blessing the students, staff and families of Bolton C. Falby Public School in a way that makes them thankful for our presence here.
  • We see a Christ-centered ministry partnering with other churches and community groups to improve the quality of LIFE for children and adults in the area.
  • We see people of all ages and backgrounds experiencing the amazing, life-changing, soul-satisfying love of Jesus, and longing for more.
  • We see exciting opportunities for children and adults to experience the life-changing love of God in a positive, safe and caring way.
  • We see inspiring worship gatherings where children and adults can connect to God and others in a personal, powerful way.
  • We see people finding forgiveness and freedom in Christ, and discovering the blessing of LIFE with God in His world!
  • We see increasing numbers of new believers and members joining together to spread God’s blessing in this neighbourhood.
  • We see a day when this vision spreads into other schools and communities in Durham Region.

Will you partner with us?