Church Office

Nancy Vanderwel (Church Adminstrator)

Ministry Centre: 520 Westney Rd South, Unit 18, Ajax, ON, L1S 6W6
Office: 905.426.4962
Hours: Tue 9:00-4:00, Wed 9:00-12:00, Fri 9:00-4:00

Hi! My name is Nancy Vanderwel. I am married with two children. I began attending Crossroads Community Church in April of 1999 and presently serve as the Administrator for the Church.I come from an inactive Anglican background and didn’t see church as a very important part of my life, even after I was re-introduced to Christianity by my husband in 1982 and began to attend church services on a regular basis. Since then God has increasingly played an important part in my life.

Since joining Crossroads my desire to know God in a more intimate way has grown and I’ve found a place where my talents and gifts can be used in something exciting. I am very excited about being part of this church and helping to see the vision of being a safe place for people to discover and know God for themselves.

If you have any questions or I can be of service to you in any way feel free to send me note via E-mail to