holy land tour

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Join Us in Israel Because our trip to Israel was cancelled, Valerie and I going to visit Israel every day for the 18 days we would have been there. We are using Ray Vanderlaan’s video series “Walking with God in the Desert” and “In the Steps of the Rabbi”.

We are inviting members and friends of Maranatha to join us on this journey. This trip involves watching a 1/2hr video every day (or when you can, as much as you can) during these weeks. The journey began Sunday, May 3, but you can join in any time. Email me if you are interested in joining.

At present there are 52 people with us in our group. As we tour through the desert of Egypt towards Canaan, and then through the countryside of Galilee and the streets of Jerusalem, feel free to post your comments on each video.

We are posting daily reflections here.

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